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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sierra Nevada "Harvest" Wet Hop Ale

Sierra Nevada 'Harvest' Wet Hop AleSierra Nevada “Harvest” Wet Hop Ale

Sierra Nevada weaves a fine tale. The story of the one day turnaround of “wet” hops to make this Harvest Ale gives us beer lovers hope. I try to find the brewers who care about their products and go the extra mile (and then some) to produce something inspired. Sierra Nevada never disappoints. This ale is hoppy in a way that few brews can boast—not so much bitter as tangy. And flowery. And a little sweet. With a nectary-like finish that dries out at the end. Oh, that's delicious.

I gotta warn you... watch your pour doesn't go too fast because the head can be fairly outrageous. Maybe I poured it into the wrong glass, but I think it was appropriate. It's more of a hefeweisse glass but the flowery aroma and sharp zest proved well-suited for the large flute-style glass. Of course you could roll gangsta and drink this brew straight out of the 24oz. Bottle but some of the intricacies of the flavors might be lost if you don't allow this beer to open up and breathe.

I love this smooth, sweet, and bitter gem of a beer. Of course, I couldn't resist anything freshly released from Sierra Nevada. They could produce a Harvest Badger Pee Ale and I'd pick it up with the quickness. Of course BPA may not receive scores this high, but I'd drink it anyway.

Sierra Nevada “Harvest” Wet Hop Ale:

Representation: .99
Accessibility: .95
Style: .95
Personal Preference: .95

Total Score: 3.84 Flags

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TheJoeReview said...

Hey this sounds like a good one. Like the name too.


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