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Monday, May 30, 2011

Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale (Citizen Review)

What: Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale 6.5% abv
Where: Sun Up Brewing (Phoenix, AZ)
When: February 26, 2010
What-have-youDale’s Pale Ale has a red, white, and blue with stars motif going on with its can design, so it is fitting that I review this on Memorial Day.  I crack open the can, and I can smell an initial recognizable hoppy aroma.  This is nice.  After a couple of sips, I am pretty sure this is the best beer I have ever had out of can.  No wonder this beer is so popular.

Thinking back 10 years or so while I was still in college, my friends and I would drink beers like Milwaukee’s Best Ice and Icehouse and Bud Ice.  Why?  Because they had higher alcohol contents, but wow, they really tasted bad.  So, when I drink Dale’s Pale Ale today, I am thinking this is pretty awesome.  It is a rock solid pale ale.  It is hoppy enough that someone might mistake it for an IPA, too, which is nice.  On a hot day, this beer is conveniently packaged in cans, delicious to taste and the 6.5% abv packs just enough of a kick that I am feeling better quicker, but its not going overboard.  Here’s to America, the red, white and blue, and Dale’s Pale Ale.  Pass me another can, please.

You can read what El Presidente had to say about Dale’s Pale Ale as well as some more Oskar Blues beers.  Check them out.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saison DuPont

What: Saison DuPont
Where: Pour House, Haddon Twp, NJ
When: Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
What-have-youHighly respected across the globe, Saison DuPont never disappoints. The warm glow of this hazy saizy puts me in a nice place, like a rustic farmhouse in Belgium aglow with candles that light my way home from the fields.  
Experience the glow
On tap at Pour House

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crossroads Russian Imperial IPA

Yeah, I just made up a new beer. "Crossroads" Russian Imperial IPA. It's half DFH Hellhound and half NC Old Rasputin. I can't even describe how complex it is. Ok, I'll try: smooth up front, the malts converge and invite you to the crossroads. Roasty and malty... Ok, let's go. Then a confluence of bitterness churns atop your taste buds, with the grapefruity citrus bitterness converging with the cocoa and coffee to create a whole new experience. Lured in, you take another sip. Not a good idea.

Perhaps the individual RIS and 2xImp IPA are more enjoyable by themselves. NC Old Rasputin is one of the best RISs (if not one of the best beers) in the world, and the Hellhound from DFH is known as a double Imperial IPA, which speaks volumes... Drink one then the other. Or... Mix them together and tempt fate.
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DFH Hellhound on My Ale

Startlingly smooth, the 100 i.b.u.s and the 10% abv remain deep in the shadows. A shadowy figure stands at the Crossroads, ready to buy your soul for a pittance. Actually, just drink a few of these brews and you'll willingly hand it over. The hops are a touch citrusy and floral with a grapefruit essence, but supremely balanced.

Ya know why some people hate on Dogfish? Because they're spectacular. They produce extreme beers with extreme flavor and most of those end up extremely drinkable. Yeah, they're on tv. They took the craft beer industry by storm and continue to do so.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

North Coast Old Rasputin

Ferment Nation Beer Blog Presidential BriefWhat: North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout 9% abv.
Where: El Presidente's house.
When: The Eve of Final Judgment, Friday, May 20th, 2011.
What-have-you: So much to say, so little time left. This hearty brew leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flavor and body; it's as dark and mysterious as the mad monk on the label. Never bound by time and space, Old Rasputin has international ties: American brewery, English tradition, Russian court. Deep roasted flavors, chocolate and coffee as one would expect. Maybe some anise? It's warming but not boozy.
I love it. I really love it. In fact, I'm feeling fairly immortal myself now that I've come to the end. The END???...

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hoffstetten Saphir Bock 7.4% abv at Farmer's Cabinet (Presidential Brief)

Ferment Nation Beer Blog Presidential BriefWhat: Hoffstetten Saphir Bock
Where: Farmer's Cabinet, Philadelphia, PA
When: Saturday, April 30th, 2011
What-have-you: Malty Austrian brew with a dingy, earthy flavor. Like a maibock with a focus on pale flavor and earthy hops.  Upon recommendation from the knowledgeable staff, the Saphir Bock turned out to be a good match for a rich, buttery toast with a smoky escargot.  The dish was rich, but didn't need to be cut too drastically with an uber-clean pale ale.  The bock style worked perfectly with the dish as a complement.  I tried a swig of a smoked barleywine on tap but I felt that it might compete with the food, so I opted for a slightly lighter brew.  Very happy with my decision, I enjoyed both the food and the beverage!

Caught somewhere between a Presidential Brief and a food pairing, this quickie review is sailing under two flags.  Please email us and let us know if you enjoy the combined focus.  Perhaps you prefer the beer reviews exclusively... Drop us a line and let us know.  Make your voice heard, dear citizens!

Hoffstetten Saphir Bock
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Duck-Rabbit Barleywine at the Perch Pub (Presidential Brief)

What: Duck-Rabbit Barleywine
Where: The Perch Pub, Philadelphia, PA
When: Saturday, April 30th, 2011
What-have-you: Super-rich barleywine with a touch of hops.  It's rich and drinkable, but at 11.4% abv, it's certainly a sippin' tea.  You might not want to drink more than one of these puppies.  Awesome for after dinner or maybe lounging with a good book.  Of course, good luck keeping some of this brew handy, since it's pretty rare around these parts.  Which is why I couldn't pass up this fine beverage on tap.  Kudos to the Perch for snagging a keg of this awesome barleywine!
Duck-Rabbit Barleywine

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils (Presidential Brief)

Happy Mother's Day!

With a nod to the Stones (and their mums, of course), Oskar Blues has given moms everywhere a little helper.  the President and Vice President of the Ferment Nation share a lot of things, the most important of which is our MOM.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  So in honor of Mamas everywhere, enjoy this re-post of Mama's Little Yella Pils from OB.

Ferment Nation Beer Blog Presidential BriefWhat: Oskar Blues Mama's Little Yella Pils 5.3% abv
Where: BAR (Philadelphia, PA)
August 3, 2010
What-have-you: "Oskar Blues 'Mama's Little Yella Pils' @ 5.3%. Smooth with a lil hoppy bite. Comparable to Troegs Sunshine Pils or Victory Prima Pils perhaps."
Oskar Blues Little Yella Pils
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stone Highway 78

Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy with a well-balanced malt/hops marriage. Bold yet mellow roasted flavors with a medium body. Keeps good company, reminding me of Oskar Blues Old Chub and Founders Dirty Bastard. Just a little extra jolt at 8.8% abv, but you'd never know. ; )
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks, Lisa!

Greetings, Citizens!  Thanks to Lisa for checking out our shared link on Facebook and leaving us a thoughtful comment.  Lisa writes:
There are many old brewing manuals and publications on Google Books as well - it's a great resource, especially if your German is passable. #myarchivesdegreecomesinhandysometimes

We appreciate your input, so keep the comments coming!