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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Oversight Corrected: Thunder Hole Photo

Back on October 3, 2011 we published a review of Bar Harbor Thunder Hole Ale.  The photos of the beer were taken by yours truly, but the awesome picture of Thunder Hole itself was taken by Greg Hartford of www.AcadiaMagic.com.  The photograph has Greg's credits at the bottom, but truth be told: It's pretty small print.  I should have exercised more diligence in crediting the picture, and so this is my apology to  Greg.  The website is very informative, and the photographs are beautiful.  I recommend visiting Acadia National park for all of its beauty and majesty, just plan your visit by visiting AcadiaMagic.com first.

Photo by Greg Hartford of AcadiaMagic.com
Without exaggeration, about 99% of the photos published on Ferment Nation are taken by the operators or citizen reviewers of the site.  Usually, the "borrowed" photos are credited or linked to the site of origin, but Greg's photo of Thunder Hole slipped through the cracks.  I apologize for the oversight, but it has served as a reminder to be more careful.  If anyone notices anything that may need to be rectified, please leave a comment or email me: president@fermentnation.com.  Thanks and Cheers!

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