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Monday, February 21, 2011

Nugget Nectar

Troegs Nugget Nectar.  7.5% abv.  The question is, how many days in a row can I drink it?

This seasonal gem goes fast, so get it while it lasts. Had it last week at the Pour House, then checked out the Blue Monkey.  Oh, then I found it at PJ Whelihan's two days running.  So the answer to the aforementioned question: 4 days in a row.  One of the more perfect beers out there, FermentNation has reviewed Nugget Nectar before. Check out this floral hoppy beauty from Troegs. Right away.

Nugget Nectar is a personal favorite of mine, and just to refresh y'all's memory, check out the previous review of this Troegs triumph.
Be sure to watch the video review at the bottom!

Also, feel free to search the blog for "nugget nectar" to get some other reviews that mention it by way of comparison or contrast.

I may even need to re-review this puppy to boost the already near-perfect score.  The only hesitation is that Nugget Nectar may not appeal to the masses at large because of its sticky hoppiness, but I suppose if you're reading this blog, you aren't one of those folks.  Since you're interested in craft beers and recommendations, please take this as one of my highest!  Cheers!

Troegs's Nugget Nectar description straight from Troegs

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