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Monday, April 30, 2012

Blue Monkey Spring Beerfest 2012

@BluMonkeyTavern has hosted another successful Beerfest!  The Spring Beerfest 2012 featured 83 beers, and since the samples were sensibly tiny, I got to try quite a few of them.  But the cool thing was talking to fellow beer geeks about their favorite offerings of the night.  Speaking of beer geeks, Tom and Sherry were there along with Mike and Kelly and a few of the local homebrew clubs in the area.  Barley Legal and B.O.M.B. (Brotherhood of Merchantville Brewers) were represented and kicking a few back with ol' El  Presidente.  Good to see you guys!  Check out the brews on tap, won't you?

And now, check out some of the live tweets from the event, including some Citizen Reviews from partygoers:

Thanks for hanging with us!  We are happy to share our experiences with YOU, why don't you share them with US... Email, comment, tweet, or Facebook us.  We hope to catch up with you soon, dear Citizens--perhaps I'll throw my own festival one of these days ;)

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