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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Cape May Brewing Company

Cape May Brewing Company
As mentioned before, the Vice-President and I went down to Cape May for Easter weekend.  The weather was lovely, the food was delicious, the architecture delightful - but what weekend would be complete without beer, or even visiting a brewery? So we decided to check out the Cape May Brewing Company.  
I had read only good things about this small brewery, but was still pleasantly surprised by it when we got there.  Tiny would be a better word to describe it, and the setting was quite unique.  Situated in a small strip of stores/garages near the airport, we were greeted by a simple door, opening into a garage/hangar area which turned out to be the entire brewery.

Upon entering, we were greeted with merchandise to purchase, or the option to sample their four current brews.  You could either pay $5 to sample in a plastic cup, or $11 to sample in and keep a lovely pint glass... which of course both the VP and I did (as if either of us need any more pint glasses.)  You could also purchase or have growlers filled.

To sample the beers, we headed to the back of the brewery and got into line, because despite the small low-key environment, it was quite busy.   We tasted each of their four current beers -  Wheat, Honey Porter, Dunkelweizen, and the Cape May IPA.  The porter and the IPA were our favorites, but both the VP and my tastes generally fall that way.  The Honey Porter is made with local Cape May honey, and had a great dark color and roasty flavor.

Off to one side, was the entire current Cape May brewing operation, which is not large or fancy, but obviously gets the job done.  However, while there we heard that the operation would soon be expanding, and that was just confirmed on the blog pictured below (click the pic to visit their site).

As discussed previously, it was quite busy.  The brewery does have very limited hours - it is only open on Saturdays from noon to 4:00pm.  It was so busy in fact, that three dogs were even part of the crowd.  Were the dogs partaking of the brews you may ask?  No, don't worry; they were just enjoying the good company.  And that seemed fine with everyone else there too.  This small brewery was very unique, like no other I have visited before, and certainly worth a stop if you are in the area on a Saturday.  

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