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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maine Beer Company Zoe

It’s not everyday that you walk into the Whole Food’s Pub and find a beer from a brewery you have never heard of before.  Enter Maine Beer Company, and Zoe, self described as “Our Happy, Hoppy, Amber Ale.”  And they mean it.

I must admit, I was drawn in by the label.  The very simple, almost homemade look made me pick up the bottle.  Reading the brewery’s statement on the back of the bottle made me take it home with me.  Well, that and the name of the beer.

The beer poured with a nice deep, almost brown amber color, with not too much head.  It had an IPA-like nose, just how I like my amber ales.  Great refreshing flavor, similar in many ways to Tröegs Hopback, but still quite unique.  Very clean flavor, slightly lighter in the hops than Hopback (but still aggressively hopped), but also somewhat more roasted notes.  7.2% ABV, so right in that Goldilocks zone, not too low, not too high.  Also a great fresh flavor (bottled on May 31) - and the brewery itself encourages you not to age their beers, but to enjoy them fresh.
Only problem - I wish I had gotten two bottles so I could share one!  I would also love to get to try their IPA (Lunch) and stout (Mean Old Tom).
(Photos from this review were provided by Citizen Elizabeth)

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