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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How the Scoring Works

Allow me to establish the constitution: Beers will be reviewed according to four categories, each with the potential for scoring one whole flag. The total of the four scores can reach a possible 4.0 flags. Think of the 4.0 grade point average: 4.0 is an "A", 3.0 is a "B". The categories will be as follows:
  1. Representation. That is, how does this beer compare to others like it? How does it rank among other stouts, other IPA's? (maximum of 1.0)

  2. Drinkability. Would you (or could you) drink more than one? (maximum of 1.0)

  3. Style Points. Is it different? Over-the-top? Luxurious? Run-of-the-Mill? (maximum of 1.0)

  4. Personal Preference. Executive decision. Maybe it just is your favorite. (maximum of 1.0)
Add them up and you get your Ferment Nation score.

The Four Flag Scoring System

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