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Sunday, May 11, 2008

50 is the new 30

Hello Citizens,

El Presidente here saluting you, the readers of Ferment Nation's reviews and recommendations, and thanking you for your patronageatism. We have just gone over 50 postings on this illustrious web log. Naturally, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Actually, I would have; I just would have been talking to one or two friends as opposed to writing for an audience. In fact, some of these beers I would have probably drunk all by myself and not really had too much to say to anyone. At least now I have a reason to take pictures of the bottles without feeling like a complete weirdo.

Whether you have been able to learn some fun stuff from our reviews and recommendations or whether you are just bored silly at work, Fermentnation.com has given you a place to go to feel a sense of community. We all love beer. This is a nation of people who will seek out awesome beers and will pay more for quality. This is a nation of people who drive miles out of their way to find some obscure beer on tap that they heard of once. This is a nation of people who will pay damn near ten dollars for a Belgian draft rather than pay one dollar for a shiny bottle of crappy mass-produced swill. This is the nation of which I am proud to be El Presidente!

Special thanks go to the members of my Cabinet for their inspiration, information, and intoxication. And none of this would ever have been possible without my Vice Presidente. Nothin' or double, Jack. But of course, dear citizens, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Help us grow and serve you better by spreading the word. Please email our link to all your friends. The more visitors we have, the more we can provide in terms of services and content. Take care, citizens. Thank you for reading. Happy 50th!

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