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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

FF Farmhouse

Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer
Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale:

When working clearing brush on the presidential ranch, I work up quite a thirst. One sure-fire way to quench that thirst is with a Farmhouse Ale like this one from Flying Fish. The citrusy twang complements the light body and pretty dry finish. In the pantheon of summer ales, Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale is the lightest I've encountered so far. Overall, the FF is the only summer I've tried so far without a wheat base. This takes the body to a lighter place and keeps the sunlight shining brightly through a golden hue (no haze at all).

This beer is a bit complicated in that it varies a bit from bottle to glass to draft. Too cold from a bottle, it's a little mealy and not quited as thirst-quenching. Poured into a glass is much better (I dig the tulip glass, but a pint is just fine), and draft seems to be the best.

This is one of FF's seasonal offerings I really look forward to. It is, in a word... refreshing. Really drinkable at 4.6% abv, this beer would be awesome on a deck or at an outdoor venue. Snobbier drinkers (like myself) may seek out an unfiltered wheat, but anyone can enjoy this golden beer. Slap that $3.00 bottle of slop out of your friend's hand and make him fork over the itty bitty extra cash for something decent. Have a good summer.

Flying Fish Farmhouse Summer Ale:

Representation: .85
Accessibility: 1.0
Style: .85
Personal Preference: .85

Total Score: 3.55 Flags


Anonymous said...

Why, I just purchased a sixer of this beer just a few days ago for a certain hard-working house painter I happen to know. He seemed pleased with my choice.

The Secretary[of Zymurgy]'s Frau

Ferment Nation said...

A wise choice, milady. The Secretary's thirst is legendary...

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