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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keegan Ales Brewpub

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Straight away from the parking area, I knew Keegan Ales was not your typical brew pub. The space was covered with huge mural-type images. After further investigation later, I discovered they were actually huge paste ups part of short-term fundraising art display by Andy Milford, a local artist.  When I stepped inside, the walls were decorated with pop-art Stormtroopers, and uniquely beautiful photography from the same local artist.

The food was pretty typical, but tasty, pub fare. You could either order at a small counter in the back, or at the bar, and it was brought to you when ready. I had the grilled cheese with tomato, which was served with a nice scoop of fresh homemade potato salad. The seating is primarily large picnic tables, and the floor is littered with peanut shells from the complementary peanuts. Back by the order counter was a good sized stage for live music. At the rear of the stage were two large windows where you could look into the brewing area for Keegan Ales.

Speaking of brewing, let's get down to the important stuff - the beer.  The selection was small with only five beers on tap, but nicely diverse.  The beers included Old Capital - a typical Blond ale, Hurricane Kitty - a nicely balanced, not overly hoppy, amber colored IPA, Mother's Milk - a pleasantly creamy milk stout, and an Autumn seasonal I did not have the chance to try.  I have had Mother's Milk bottled previously, and found it quite comparable on tap, the only real difference being a slighter more carbonation.  As a milk stout it holds its own nicely.  While it is not quite a creamy or smooth as Left Hand's Milk Stout, it has better flavor and body than Lancaster Brewing Company's Milk Stout.

But my staple beer for the evening was the Joe Mama's Milk Stout.  Self described as the "Big Brother" to their Mother's Milk, it is worth taking note of this very tasty coffee stout.  Added brown sugar in the brewing process, and the addition of cold coffee extract from a local roaster, make this a beer have a big coffee flavor, and a higher ABV than it tastes like.  It was very drinkable, and I continued to enjoy it as it warmed up.  My only complaint?  There were no bottles available to take home to share!

So if you happen to be up in the Kingston, NY area, make sure to check out Keegan Ales -- you will enjoy the visit.

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