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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Greetings with 3 Saranac Beers

It's almost Christmas, so of course, we need to throw in some more Christmas and Winter related posts.  Here are some thoughts on some seasonal beers.

Saranac Vanilla Stout

I am pretty sure I have had Saranac Pumpkin Ale while ago, and maybe their Octoberfest once, so I am not well-versed in this brewery, but I do love stouts and consider myself a good judge of them.  Good lacing on the tulip glass I am drinking it out of, which is nice.  I am having it at my work's holiday luncheon.  I definitely want to try more of this when it has a chance to warm up, but I can already smell and taste vanilla tones to this beer. 

This is interesting.  It doesn't have the bitter roasty tones of a more robust stout.  It reminds me of winter and Christmas and the holidays because of the vanilla taste, and I like that, because I do not always associate the cinammon and other warm spices with winter warmers.  Nice smell, nice lacing.  Not my first choice as a stout because I prefer the roasted toasted flavors of stouts, but this is quite nice. At 4.8% abv, it is pretty weak as far as beers go, but it makes it more of an easy-drinking beer.  The fact that Saranac gets some nice vanilla flavor out of this beer without making it boozy is nice.  Will I drink a whole six pack?  Maybe not, but I would definitely come back to this beer again.

Lake Effect Lager and Chocolate Lager:

Lagers are not my favorite style of beer, so these two beers didn't make a lasting impression on me.  I think the Lake Effect Lager worked better, because it was just a lager.  The chocolate lager seemed to be "reaching" for something it did not quite achieve.  I also had Saranac's Big Moose Ale, and as I remember that was pretty good, too.

I think I need to buy this multi-pack of Seasonal Saranac beers and drink more than one each, and do a proper review.  If anything, it will give me a chance to have another Vanilla Stout, which I very much enjoyed.

Want to learn more about Saranac's "12 Beers of Winter"?  Check out their website.

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