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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PJ Party

PJ's Wheat and DogPJW Whelihan's Wheat Summer Seasonal:

Brand new on the scene, this is a really nice version of a classic summer refresher. This wheat beer is hazy and golden and has pleasant fruity aromas. PJW Wheat is in the style of a true German Hefeweizen like Weihenstephaner but a bit more tart. It is a little bit sharper than its smooth German cousin and carries a bit of the citrusy zing of an American summer ale. Perhaps not quite as sophisticated as Europe's finest, but a darn fine piece of brewing!

Geez... what regional American brewery have I mentioned recently that has a flair for capturing the European style? Turns out that PJ's brews are crafted by the good folks at Victory in Downingtown, PA. They also brew PJ's Copper Lager (I'm not the biggest lager guy, but it's pretty good).

This season grab a PJ's Wheat. The summer heat is coming on fast and you'll need something to cool you off. Just don't put any fruit in it. The acids kill the yeast and counteract the complexity of the unfiltered ale. Instead of being more complex, fruit in a Weiss beer just makes it more confusing. Rather, try this as an accompaniment to a salad with mandarin oranges or lemon-poppyseed dressing. Oooh, oooh! Lemon-pepper chicken!

Strategically placed PJ's pepper the Beermuda Triangle. They've always been good for one or two good taps but recently they've been stepping it up big time. Expect a review of PJ's soon!

PJW Whelihan's Wheat:

Representation: .875
Accessibility: .90
Style: .90
Personal Preference: .95

Total Score: 3.75 Flags


Anonymous said...

PJ's Wheat is is actually Victory Sunrise renamed for the bar.

Ferment Nation said...

Aight. I didn't know that it was the exact same brew but it certainly makes sense. I actually had begun writing my review even before I knew that it was brewed by Victory at all. The review stands as recorded since I like it quite a bit. Victory is the shiz-nizzle.

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