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Saturday, July 5, 2008

King Harvest - Sierra Nevada Harvest Fresh Hop Ale

Sierra Nevada Fresh Hop Ale
Sierra Nevada Harvest Fresh Hop Ale:

The label of this specialty beer tells the story of being the ultimate seasonal. Worth a read, surely. In fact, I understand that there exists an entire account of the trip that included hostile natives, a drug cartel, and man-eating vines. But the tale of the label is cool enough, considering the end product that I managed to enjoy.

Crisp and hoppy. Bitter and spicy. Floral and fragrant. Not quite as much body as an IPA. But that's quite alright -- perfect, in fact, for a hot summer night. One of the lightest yet hoppiest brews I've had in a long time. I have fond memories of Hopitmus Prime being zingy, zesty, and light. I would be interested in trying these two side by side. Smooth and clean with a nice bitter finish.

I drank this beer from a wine-style glass. The flowery-ness comes through quite nicely if you sip this beauty. Don't chug it. Pour with vigor, though, to stir up a creamy, frothy head. It won't last forever so get it while it's foamy. Actually, the packaging is perfect for keeping the head fresh. The big 24 oz bottle allows for many pours, whether you share this Harvest with friends or hog it all for yourself (I chose the latter. Sorry, guys.). This would be perfect at a bbq after you have some grilled shellfish appetizers like clams or mussels with a little butter, but before the dogs and sausages. Mmmm... sausages...

Hop-heads, don't miss it. Be advised: it's more like a hop sorbet than a hop sundae. Cleanses and refreshes. But if you open the big bottle by yourself, prepare to face the music as Sierra Nevada Harvest plays to the tune of 6.7% abv. 24 oz. Not too strong, but two strong.

Sierra Nevada Harvest Fresh Hop Ale:

Representation: 1.0
Accessibility: .95
Style: .90
Personal Preference: .95

Total Score: 3.8 Flags

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