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Friday, July 24, 2009

Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat

Long Trail Blackbeary WheatLong Trail Blackbeary Wheat Beer. This review begins with an admission of guilt. Being an amateur cartoonist, I could not help but pick up a six pack of Long Trail's Blackbeary Wheat due to its funny and well-done label art depicting a cartoon bear (in glasses) on the verge of being pumelled by his wife with a rolling pin as he steals a blackberry (blackbeary) pie. I am guilty of being wooed by beer artwork, but I vow never to judge a beer by its cover. A long sniff into the bottle and a first swig reveal a pretty recognizable but timid taste of blackberry. Swigs 2 through 6 and you can taste the blackberry only as a finish. Pay attention as you swallow, you can taste it right there on the back of your tongue. What this beer scores low in style, it makes up for in accessibility. Its a fruit flavored beer I don't feel pressured to float an actual piece of fruit in, and I welcome a second and third bottle. On the neck label, Long Trail writes that the beer is "finished with a hint of Blackberries in the kettle," and that is what you get, a hint. Not too much, just enough, which makes this drinkable, and a novel summer beer to take to parties or just to admire and laugh at the label. Kitschy? Maybe, but smooth, not overpowering, and good enough to go back for more.

Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat

Representation: .8
Accessibility: .9
Style: .7
Personal Preference:.8

Total: 3.2 Flags

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