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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cork/Shiner Bock event

Had Shiner Bock in 2006 and loved it. Years pass... Had a bottle last summer and thought, "Eh.". Now on tap at Cork in Westmont, NJ, I really like it again. It's kind of a richer, maltier, toastier version of Yuengling Lager. I suppose that's what Yuengling Bock was supposed to be, but I didn't like that at all when I tried a bottle maybe a year ago. Hey, Yuengling Bock is on tap at Cork too! Let me taste it... Nah, I still don't like it.

Now the Shiner 102 Double Wheat is cleaner than I expected, filtered but still quite wheaty. Both offerings from Shiner are supremely drinkable and just stylish enough to merit another look. Grab the goat by the horns if you get the chance, and drop a line to make your voice heard! Cheers!
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