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Monday, June 27, 2011

Boulder Hazed & Infused Cans

Finally available in South Jersey, Boulder Beer Company's flagship brew adds yet another dimension to the common backyard. In a recent post, a presidential can-ping trip showcased some canned favorites for ease of transportation and recycling. Boulder's Hazed just missed the trip but believe me, I looked.

During my trip to Boulder, CO last year for the inaugural Beer Bloggers Conference, I was fortunate enough to tour Boulder Beer and get a "heads-up" on their plans for canning Hazed & Infused on a national scale. Since Hazed is so stinkin' drinkable, it made perfect sense to make it even more portable. It's an amber ale, unfiltered and dry-hopped for a unique marriage of body and dry finish. It's a super session beer if ever there was one.

May I? Thanks... It reminds me just a bit of Troegs Hop Back, but it has a little more bite and a more pronounced hop aroma. I will most definitely sit down with one of these brews in the very near future and give it a full review. I suspect Hazed & Infused will receive a pretty good score in glass or aluminum.
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