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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can-ping trip

Hello Citizens,

Packing the coolers up for a quick camping trip has become even easier in the past few years since craft beer drinkers have survived the Canned Beer Apocalypse.  Oskar Blues Dale's Pale Ale has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that discerning beer drinkers can enjoy their beverages of choice in convenient pack-in-pack-out containers.  And Mama's Little Yella Pils is a perfect for other "pilsner" drinkers.  But wait... there's more.

Sly Fox flies the flag of canned beer as well.  Their drinkable brews work great right out of the can or poured into an opaque plastic cup for discretion.  Royal Weisse, Pikeland Pils, and Phoenix Pale Ale pack enough flavor into a nifty aluminum package to satisfy the pickiest beer drinker.

21st Amendment has given us a smooth, not uber-hoppy, EZdrinkn IPA.  I haven't tried too many of 21st Amendment's brews but now I'm on board to sample all of them.  Well, not so much "Hell or High Watermelon," which I have tried and didn't like.  That's why it's not pictured here.  But Brew Free or Die IPA is now on my short list for barbecues, tailgaters, and camping trips.  Spread the word and bring this brew with you next time you're on the invite list to a party.

Genesse Cream Ale is just one of those beers.  It has survived through thick and thin.  It was one of the biggest beers in the world, considered a high quality brew.  In my recent memory, however, it has been regarded as one of the cheaper "slummin' it" kind of beers, especially since the massive ramp-up of the craft beer movement in the early to mid 90s.  But I gotta tell ya, Genny is still a go-to beer for El Presidente and the Cabinet.  And what better way to celebrate smooth, creamy, well-balanced Genny than cracking open a 24 oz. flavor grenade from Rochester, NY.  An American original and a true stalwart of camping trips.
So when you're filling up your cooler with brews for whatever event you happen to be planning, don't forget about the Canned Beer Apocalypse.  I'll never give up some of my favorite beers in bottles but there are occasions when cans just suit the purpose.  Don't be afraid, Dear Citizens, there are many amazing options available.  When you run across a canned beer that blows you away, don't forget to email us pictures and reviews so you can make your voice heard.  Thanks and Cheers!

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Patrick McD said...

There is just something about summer and the cold, sweaty aluminum of a beer can.

And I didn't think I would ever type these words, but you just made me want a Genesee Cream Ale...

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