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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two Great Beers at the Perch Pub in Philly

If you haven't gotten a chance to get to the Perch Pub up above the corner of Broad and Locust in Philly, I highly recommend it.  In addition to friendly service, and a lovely open and bright atmosphere (lovely and open and bright? Is this really a bar in Philly?), they have a penchant for really good regional craft beers, and they have a kick-ass happy hour every day of the week.  Find out more by following them on Twitter @PerchPub or follow us @FermentNation, because we re-tweet a lot of their tweets!

Here are two great beers I had there earlier this month.  The first was Blue Point No Apologies Double IPA, which they say is a "very, very limited draft."  It's a European/American style double IPA and is 10% abv. On that day I observed that the beer was not grassy or floral in teh bouquet.  The caramel and malt hit you up front.  It's only when you keep the beer in your mouth for a while and take several sips that it dries out a bit and you experience the hoppy effect.  The beer bites you a bit in the back of the throat. This beer is definitely rich and made for sipping.  I liked it a lot.  (Read more of our Blue Point reviews)

The second beer was Ithaca Dark Humor.  This was a collaboration between Ithaca and Iron Hill, two breweries I really enjoy.  They describe it as a "Summer Porter."  I really liked this beer.  I thought it tasted sweet and creamy.  The taste lingers, too.  It's roasty yet light tasting and quite delicious.  My two beer buddies with me at the Perch Pub agreed with me, and we even recommended it to a couple of other patrons before we left. (Read more of our Ithaca reviews)

I will be definitely be going back to the Perch Pub often.  If you stop by between 5-7pm, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.  --The VP
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