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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Iron Hill Imperial Pumpkin Release

We at the Ferment Nation loves us some pumpkin beers!  Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Maple Shade, NJ had released its Great Imperial Pumpkin and the Imperial Bourbon Pumpkin Ale at their release party a few weeks ago.

Now the beers:
Iron Hill's Pumpkin Ale was fresh and delicious... Pumpkin flavor and all the appropriate spices, but very drinkable.  Slightly smaller body and alcohol content make it a groovy session beer.
Great Imperial Pumpkin is bigger and badder.  Definitely comparable with some of the sought-after Imperial Pumpkin Ales out there (like Pumking, Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin, Fegley's Devious...).  If I may be so bold... I think the Iron Hill offering trumps them all.
Bourbon Imperial Pumpkin was magnificent.  The oaky bourbon flavors complemented the autumnal pumpkin pie spices and the earthy gourd essence of the pumpkin in a way that blew my mind.  I tried Avery's Rumpkin ale last year, and I definitely got what they were going for, but it was just a teensy bit too big for me.  Iron Hill's Bourbon Imperial hits the mark!

It's getting closer to those fall holidays Halloween and Thanksgiving, when pumpkin ales are tough to find in the stores and pubs.  Those of us on the ball, however, get out there early and often.  Following are a Storified collection of tweets from the party and a slideshow of some nicer photographs taken with an actual camera (as opposed to my photo-challenged Blackberry).  Enjoy!

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Mike said...

Owen, Thanks for the heads up about he pumpkin ale at Iron Hill. I'll have to find a way to get my hands on some. I'm planning a big pumpkin tasting soon.

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