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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Haddon Pub Fest @ PJ Whelihan's Part 2 (Philly Beer Week 2010)

Philly Beer Week 2010

The Presidential motorcade visited the Haddon Pub Fest to kick off Philly Beer Week 2010 (yeah, I know it's in South Jersey. It's also a craft brew festival within walking distance from where I sleep so that's how El Presidente rolls).

PJ's featured Victory and Ithaca at the Pub Fest to start kick off festivities. Here are my selections for review:

Victory St. Boisterous Hellerbock:
This brew has a fairly pale hop profile with a mild malty sweetness. It is extremely well-balanced and sessionable. It would be a really cool beer to find after slugging it out with some bigger brews. It could be a great closer, for certain, though it also functioned as a good lead-off beer to begin a long day of sampling. I guess I'm trying to say that if you have a St. Boisterous you're probably drinking something else as well.

Ithaca Ground-Break American-Style Saison:
Light to medium body with a dry finish. Hoppier than a traditional French-style saison (dat's how the U.S. of A. does thangs), Ground-Break is a cool cross between a pale ale and a farmhouse. Pretty stylish but not crazy. Is there a citrus thing going on too? Yeah, a little. Ground-Break is an interesting alternative to a saison if you like hoppy pales or pale wheats.

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