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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Three Beers at Standard Tap (Philly Beer Week 2010)

Philly Beer Week 2010

Folks who drink locally to the Philadelphia area (including pretty much everyone in the Delaware Valley) know and love Standard Tap. Carrying beers brewed in this area (almost exclusively), Standard Tap is a go-to stop on any beer bar tour -- Especially during Philly Beer Week.

Philadelphia Brewing Company Fleur de Lehigh:
This is a PBC special beer brewed with ginger and lemongrass. I'm a sucker for ginger, and Fleur de Lehigh does not disappoint. It is a yummy spiced brew. It's fresh and clean with a light and refreshing ginger essence. I wonder if it wouldn't be a little sassier out of a bottle, with more air and carbonation, and possibly a teensy bit of yeast in the bottom of the bottle? Either way, this beer is very summery and oooh wait -- this may be great with sushi. Interesting for newbies, but a touch weird if you're not that adventurous. Ginger ale freaks should check it out also, as well as those beer drinkers who have enjoyed Left Hand's Juju.

Twin Lakes Pale Ale:
This is quite a mellow pale ale. There's just a touch of citrus mixed with malt. It has a kinda-dry finish but it isn't very sharp. The color is straw-like and there isn't much head to speak of. This is extremely drinkable for sure, and a clear recommendation for those folks who like a chilled-out session beer. Not overly challenging, but sometimes you don't want to be challenged by your beverage.

Sly Fox O'Reilly's Dry Stout:
A fantastic representation of this beer by Sly Fox. I've had it many times and truthfully, it's been hit or miss. Maybe it's very sensitive to a less-than-perfectly-clean tap system or something but O'Reilly's can be magnificent or mundane, depending on who's pouring it. Standard Tap offers a sensational pint. Sly Fox has some really nice offerings, and in the Presidential opinion, O'Reilly's Stout is the best among them. So very easy to drink, this dry Irish stout has an awesome blend of bitterness and smoothness. And the Standard Tap never disappoints.

So there you have it. Standard Tap has thus far and will continue to fire it up for Philly Beer Week 2010. I am hoping to make it back sometime in the very near future. Please email your Philly Beer Week experiences or your Standard Tap experiences (and pics, if you got 'em) to president@fermentnation.com. Thank you for your patriotism!

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