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Friday, March 7, 2008

Can I review this beer, please?

Stoudt's APA:

Dear citizens, try sitting down at a bar with an open notebook. See how tough it is to get anything done. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to the people who elected me fairly and squarely. I had good conversations with Rogos the Oktoberfest King and G. Love with Special Sauce (not the band, sorry). Looking forward to seeing them again. But the business of running this nation is pretty high on my priority list.

By the way, I had this delicious brew from Stoudt's at the Elephant and Castle on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, NJ. Pretty good food and some kickin' happy hour specials. There are usually a few good draft selections and nice bottles there as well. Cheers.

Stoudt's American Pale Ale is American and pale and an ale. All three criteria in order. The Cabinet was with me that night, so I'll give you some words directly from that meeting:

Crisp and creamy. Some hoppy notes, but not too much though. Very dry finish.

As the glass comes up to your face, check out the aroma. Smell the hops' subtle allure. Now drink. Ah... yeah, that's pale alright. But not invisible. There's almost a pilsner-like crispness but the body kicks in and reminds you that you're still drinking an ale.

As far as I'm concerned, Stoudt's can do no wrong. Having visited the brew pub and Black Angus restaurant this past fall. I'm a faithful Stoudt's fan for all time. Pale Ales frequently fade away into mediocrity but not this APA. It's bold without being off-putting. Give it a shot. Highly drinkable at a respectable 5% abv.

Stoudt's American Pale Ale:

Representation: .90
Accessability: .90
Style: .90
Personal Preference: .90

Total Score: 3.6 Flags

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