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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dogfish Burton Baton Imperial IPA

Dogfish Head Burton Baton Imperial IPA:

Tremendous! Once again, Dogfish Head craftsmanship takes the art of brewing to a new level. So many IPAs are overcrowded with hops that they only appeal to a certain crowd. I'm a hop-head, so I enjoy the occasional smacking around of the taste buds. Generally speaking, though, the hoppy bitterness overtakes and eliminates smoothness. Not always, of course, but let's be honest with ourselves: Crazy hoppy beers aren't always the most drinkable for the long haul. But the Dogfish Head artistry has proven once again to be the stuff of legend.

Burton Baton appeals not only to hop-heads, but true ale lovers as well. Great body, clean finish, and beautiful complexity. There is a lot going on in there, but the drinker is never confused. That is, unless he or she has more than one. 10%+ abv is powerful good! Let this puppy open up in a wide-mouth glass or snifter. This also allows for adequate nose-room to get the fragrance involved. And be patient... warming it up just a tad will do a lot to release the complex flavors.

If you are not familiar with IPAs, I wouldn't recommend starting here. Work your way through the spectrum so you know your boundaries. Maybe start with Troegs Hop Back and Nugget Nectar. Check out Victory Hop Devil and Hop Wallop. Kick it up a notch with Weyerbacher Double Simcoe or Stone Ruination. Sample what you can, and then appreciate the grooviness of Burton Baton.

Dogfish Head Burton Baton Imperial IPA:

Representation: 1.0
Style: 1.0
Accessibility: .90
Personal Preference: 1.0

Total: 3.9 Flags


CrazyTom said...

OK. Locked and loaded for Chimay Day. Got a nice big bottle of Tripel, and we can't wait to make it disappear. Let us know when the big day approaches.

Ferment Nation said...

I think I may have something planned...

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