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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Presidential Brief: Lagunitas Fusion IV

Lagunitas Fusion IV American Double/Imperial Pilsner:
American Double/Imperial Pilsner with a sticky malt backbone and grapefruity notes. Not bitter exactly but hoppy just the same. Gubna meets West Coast? Lagunitas does it again! I love it!
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Anonymous said...

Mr. President: What should we think of pilsners? I have always believed them to be weak and soul-less. Is that a misguided belief?

Ferment Nation said...

Dear Anonymous,
Pilsners are just as valid and potentially delicious as any other style of brew. A lagered beer brewed with a specific style hop (Saaz)and softer water than may be typical of your average brew, I find a finely crafted pilsner to be excellent session beers that quench a mean summer thirst. Check out Troegs Sunshine Pils and Victory Prima Pils if they are available in your anonymous area. If you are concerned about soul, check out Sam Adams Imperial Pilsner or Heavy Seas Uber Pils for a little more heft. And if life should bring you some triple hops brewed pilsner, do not fear it. Just open your mind to sexier variations of this time-honored style. Cheers!

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