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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello folks! Here's what happens when a concerned citizen takes the brew by the horns.  Our Citizen Andy Carter (whom I met at Russian River) may just have earned himself a new title: Ambassador!  Andy has a sophisticated palate and a way with words.  We're liking his reviews.  Check out another one...

Pretty Things
Saint Botolph's Town

8/2/11  22oz belgian sniffer

Appearance: dark brown, brick brown, nearly opaque.

Smell: Candy caramel sweetness, as it warms more apple and pear.

Taste: Initial faint plastic phenols, immediately into malty rich sweetness. Some chocolate in the finish. A reasonable bitterness, but just in balance with the malt to reign you in. As it warms its becomes more complex: more malt in the beginning and finish. Reminds me of an abbey dubbel in some ways; I would swear there is some special B in this! They do specify the use of "belgian yeasts" in the beer, but I taste/smell little of those typical characteristics.

Mouthfeel: A bit thin in the mouthfeel given its appearance, but it still holds it own. Mild carbonation.

Overall: A great beer. It stays true to its "rustic" traditions by giving it a belgian kick that british beers probably had. History is funny like that! Overall appreciated this beer more than jack d'or.

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