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Saturday, August 6, 2011

#IPADay Roundup

Between midnight on Thursday morning August 4th and midnight on August 5th, I happened to go out with some friends to enjoy a few beers.  Since many of us in the blogosphere were recognizing #IPADay as a fun little holiday, I decided to celebrate by having a few IPAs.  Is that so wrong?  Here are some of the selections I enjoyed during the hours of #IPADay 2011:
Flying Fish Exit 16 Firkin (@jerseyfreshales) @ThePourHouseNJ. Less carbonation and a smoother, creamier delivery really warms the belly. I'm finding it to be less bitter and more citrusy. Bright and happy!

Here was another fine #IPADay brew: @AveryBrewingCo IPA. Earthy and funky. The malt pops after it warms up a bit.

Is there a #DoubleIPADay? @Weyerbacher Double Simcoe @ThePourHouseNJ. Rich, sticky, floral, bitter! This one is hard to pass up when you see it on tap.

Whew! @AveryBrewingCo Maharaja Imperial #IPA 10.46% abv, 102 IBUs. BIG & brutal, balanced by extremes in malt and hops that battle for dominance. Not in a bad way...

Well, I think that's a fine sampling of #IPAs that would satisfy the cravings of even the most ravenous IPA drinkers. From sessionable to imperial, I think I had a successful #IPADay. We here at the Ferment Nation hope you enjoyed yours as well.

If I may opine... beer drinking is fun under most circumstances. I feel that should be enjoyed to its fullest extent by those who have the capacity to do it safely. The brewers who craft it should be commended for their work and it is the variety and availability of so many different styles that make the craft beer scene so vibrant. But is it really so wrong to take a few moments to highlight a specific style? Especially if the other styles will eventually get their turn? Does #IPADay attack something sacred and pure about drinking whatever beer makes you happy? If we "shouldn't" celebrate the IPA as a style, does that mean we "shouldn't" go to a barleywine festival, or a firkin event, or a Belgian night, or a stout challenge... If you can't have a little fun drinking your beer then I don't know what to tell you. If you're not in favor of #IPADay, don't celebrate it.  

It's possible that this debate may come up in the next few weeks at #BBC11, but I hope it's not polarizing. #IPADay made for some cool specials at the local bars and some interesting tweets, so I had fun with it. Hope you did too. Cheers!


thebeerwench said...


Glad you participated in #IPADay. Sounds like you tasted through some amazing beers. And thank you for your stance on supporting the holiday -- if you aren't in favor of IPA Day, don't celebrate it -- my sentiments exactly. Will I see you at #BBC11?


The Wench

Owen McCuen said...

Hello Wenchie,
Thanks again for catching up with the blog. #BBC11 is upon us! See you there.

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