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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monk's Cafe

Stopped by Monk's on Saturday night and tried an amazing oak aged Flemish red ale.  It was called Mestreechs Aajt and it was pretty darn awesome.  I know that Flemish sour ales can be a bit challenging to folks who are used to more accessible balances of malt and hops... I myself shrunk  back in horror the first time I tried one.  Then I discovered Russian River Consecration and marveled at its complexity.  The sour tang got my tastebuds jumpin' and I began to taste flavors I hadn't been able to appreciate before.  Well, behold: Intro to Sour Beers starring Mestreechs Aajt.
This brew is a lovely red color and has just a hint of cherry in the aroma.  You can taste a bit of tart cherry in the beer as well, which complements the acidity nicely.  Is there a little vinegar-taste in there?  You bet.  But the sweetness of the fruit tames it enough for Mestreechs Aajt to be infinitely quaffable.  In fact, I've ordered plenty of sour beers in the past, but usually one in a row is enough for me.  I tend to move onto something a bit more accessible after duking it out with a Flemish sour or oak-aged wild ale.  But for the first time, I stuck with the sour brew twice in a row.  That speaks to the dual nature of Mestreechs Aajt: friendly yet challenging.  I would recommend this sour brew to anyone who thinks they don't like sour brews.  This may just open up a portal to a whole new world of possibilities.

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