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Monday, November 8, 2010

Beer Bloggers Conference BYOB

Goodness Gracious! There was a ree-diculous amount of beer at the Conference's BYOB event.

I'm not even going to attempt to put all the individual pics here now, but keep your eyes peeled for a slide show coming up soon. The show-stealers were the highly sought-after Brew Dog assassins, one of which is called Sink the Bismarck ( 41% abv... that's not a typo)

One of my fellow bloggers used some descriptive words to describe the flavor of Sink the Bismarck... burning lemons. I immediately agreed.

Then there's the world's strongest beer: Brew Dog's End of History. It's bottled in 7 oz. rations and wrapped in roadkill. Yeah, I said roadkill. The particular vintage that I got to try was sitting inside a stoat. Don't believe me? Check out the proof.

This inhuman concoction tasted a little more like whiskey. It burned going down, but that's to be expected at 110 proof! Actually, it tasted a little better than Sink the Bismarck. I can't very accurately describe the flavor, since I only had the teeniest sip, but suffice it to say that it's a little over-hyped in terms of quality, but certainly not in extremity! Definitely worth putting to your lips, just to say that you've done so.

Now the award for El Presidente's Personal Butt-Kicker is Erik Peterson from the Bull & Bush Pub and Brewery. Not only did the Presidential Motorcade spend Thursday afternoon checking out the B&B's fine fare, but Erik was a part of the Beer Bloggers Conference's Night of Many Bottles. He brought some serious stuff, including a 1.5L bottle of Chimay Grande Reserve brewed in honor of the Millenium changeover in 1999. Unbelievably smooth, with subtle notes of dried fruits like raisins, figs, and dates, it retailed for $61.00 on the Vintage Bottle list at the Pub, but we got to sample it for free! And I might add that all the tasters were quite generous and willing to share sips of stuff that had been just about drained. Here's a picture of the Chimay:

Erik was also responsible for bringing my two personal favorite brews of the night: the Royal Oil Barleywine (10% abv), a sweeter treat than most barleywines, with flavors like coconut and vanilla coming through by virtue of the oak aging. Slightly floral as well due to masterful hopping, Royal Oil reminded me ever so slightly of Stone's Old Guardian, but it seemed more complex and a bit richer than the Stone. Will that happen every batch? I guess I'll just have to go back to the Denver area to find out.

And I love a good rye ale, like Dock Street's Rye IPA, Founders Red's Rye, Terrapin Rye and Rye Squared, et al. But Bull & Bush's Pimp My Rye, a Rye Wine with claws, was a resounding success and overwhelms the rye field wtih flavor that can kill a man. Pimp My Rye weighs in at about 11% abv.

The finishing touches to a great event came when the party dispersed into various rooms after hours. El Presidente got to chill with Eli and Erik from Beertap TV, Dan from Life on Tap, and the 2beerguys guys, as well as assorted other chilled-out folks who needed (or didn't need, in my case) a few extra beers to cap off the night. I had brought Victory Hop Wallop for my fellow bloggers to try, and the stash made it onto the BBC's photo coverage! Check out beerbloggersconference.org for a recap of the events and some cool announcements!

Thanks again to Allan Wright and everyone at Zephyr Adventures who made this event possible! Be sure to keep checking back throughout the next week or two for follow-up posts and slideshows that will help bring the event together. Next year's event may possibly be in Portland, Oregon... sign me up!

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