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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dinner at Boulder

So who wants a tour of Boulder Beer? I do, I do!

Here are just a few pics of the awesome brewery tour we took of Boulder Beer Company. Started in a goatshed back in 1979, Boulder Beer has come a long way in terms of technology, however there is a serious old-school flavor when it comes to the workings of the brewery and real old-school hospitality from the folks. Here's Danger Dan Weitz, Marketing Tool of Boulder Beer giving us a guided tour:

Dan is the guy in the middle wielding the inside of a keg like a nightstick. We got to see the bottling line as well:

Here's an interesting fact: Boulder ran an experiment with Hazed and Infused, putting canned H&I into accounts that already served it up in bottles. Did the can sales eat into the bottle sales? No! So Boulder's tiny two-at-a-time canning line is soon to be replaced and Hazed and Infused is going national in cans coming right up!!

So thanks to the Beer Bloggers Conference 2010 and the generosity of the folks at Boulder Beer Company, we had an awesome time with good people, food, and um.... Beer. Cheers!

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The Beer Wench said...

Thanks for summing up the dinner and the tour of Boulder Beer so well! Lots of fun (I think I ate entirely way too much food that night!)



Ferment Nation said...

Thanks, Ashley! I had tons of food and fun as well, though I must admit that my first beverage of the night was a (ginger) Ale. The Night of Many Bottles was a blast!



Dan Weitz said...

"Danger Dan"?! I love it. Got a lot more manly ring to it than "Chicken Dan!" Glad you had fun.

Cheers from Boulder.

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