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Friday, May 21, 2010

Founders Centennial IPA (Citizen Review)

What: Founders Centennial IPA 7.2% abv
Where: Casa McCuen (Collingswood, NJ)
When: May 16, 2010
What-have-you: "Founders makes some good beers, and this IPA was calling my name. With some recognizable maltiness to it, the hops were still the star of the show, and that is what I demand from an IPA. Another test I have is the half-way test. Halfway through the bottle, I like to stick my nose in, take a whiff. Yep, still hoppy. I like that. As I look at the bottle, I notice it mentions that it has been dry-hopped and it is unfiltered, which intrigues me. I would be interested in comparing this IPA and its brewing process to other IPAs, see which ones I like better. I have heard that this is actually much better on draught, which is never surprising, but I think this is another solid performance by Founders and a very nice IPA."

Founders Brewery

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