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Friday, May 14, 2010

New Holland Dragon's Milk Ale (Citizen Review)

What: New Holland Dragon's Milk Ale 10.0% abv
Where: PJ's Pour House (Westmont, NJ)
When: May 12, 2010
What-have-you: "I asked El Presidente if I would like this one. It was listed on the chalkboard as an 'American Strong Ale', but El Prez told me it has similarities to an imperial stout, so that sold me right away. And it was dark, dark as Smaug's lair in the Lonely Mountain. It came to me served in a Three Philosophers mini wine goblet. I could smell the alcohol right away, which is kind of a turn off, but at 10% abv, what do you expect? Oaky? Yes, and it has an odd sweetness to it, and a kind of lingering twangy aftertaste, which makes sense to me when I read New Holland's own description. This is pretty good, but I will stick with only one tonight."

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