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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Samuel Adams Round-Up

Samuel Adams Round-Up:

We occasionally like to re-visit some of our previous reviews to spotlight a certain style of beer, or in this case, a particular brewery. Here are some of our Sam Adams beer reviews. To start off, for the Hop-Head-in-Chief, we bring you:

1. Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA:

This home-grown recipe from Mike McDole of California has a pretty serious hoppy kick. With 7 varieties of American hops addes, this blend has a very definite grapefruit juice thing going on. [
Read the full review]

2. Samuel Adams Imperial Stout:

This imperial stout is dark all the way through. Extreme bitterness up front presents the traditional dark flavors of chocolate and coffee. The bitterness gives way for just a moment to let in a little sweetness from deep within. Then, the aftertaste hits with lasting results. What is that herbal, tongue-numbing bittersweet flavor? Aha! Anise. I may not have come up with that on my own but Jim Koch was kind enough to sum up the brew on the rear label. Thanks, Mr. Koch, for putting words to my flavor experience. [
Read the full review]

3. Samuel AdamsSummer Ale:

There are lots of summer beers out there and they seem to get better and better. Sam Adams is sort of the successful big brother of the craft brew industry and usually keeps the level of competition pretty high. This Summer Ale has a nice golden color and slightly hazy complexion. The body is just right with a smooth mouthfeel, too. So flavorful and consistent. Get it in the bottle or on draft! [Read the full review]

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