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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dogfish Head Punk

Dogfish Head Punk
Dogfish Head Punk:

Rich and punkiny with a truly groovy warming quality which lends itself to maxin' on a chilly rain-soaked night. Medium to full-bodied. That's what a lot of pumpkin beers lack: body. Dogfish Head, however, throws down the gauntlet and unleashes their usual assault on our tastebuds. The fruity essence of pumpkin with stern yet mellow spicing gives a wine-like quality to this beer that Dogfish lovers have come to find as one of the signature features of their off-centered ales.

Not like pumpkin pie at all. Totally off-centered, as usual, in the lineup of pumpkin ales up for review in the weeks approaching Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Just a little dry while maintaining fruity goodness, Punk is a blood relative of Raison D'etre and Aprihop in presentation and spirit. Playful yet serious. Classy but on the edge. The kinda beer ya take home to mom...

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