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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rogue Santa's Private Reserve

Rogue Santas Private ReserveRogue Santa's Private Reserve:

I believe it. Santa may very well have sixpack of this brew in his fridge right now. And why not wind down after a long day of list-checking and elf-wrangling? Santa's Private Reserve packs a lot of flavor into a medium bodied brew that's pretty easy to drink.

There is a slighly malty base that is outdone by a nice bitter hoppy finish. After reading the label, I was expecting more of a sprucey hit but for me it doesn't come until the very very end - like the after-aftertaste.

Actually, I'm thinking this brew reminds me a little bit of Sierra Nevada Celebration. Santa's Private Reserve has a just a bit less effervescence and overall carries the Rogue stamp as opposed to the Sierra Nevada stamp. I feel that if you like on you should at least try the other. Taste the difference for yourself and kindly report the results. It's your civic duty!

- Like other holiday beers in that it's kind of a "Winter Warmer."

- Unlike other holiday beers because its something to drink with Santa rather than remind you of Santa.

Rogue Santa's Private Reserve:

Representation: .95
Accessibility: .90
Style: .975
Personal Preference: .95

Total: 3.775 Flags

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