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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter 2009 Beer Review

It's just about time for yet another Winter. Funny, it seems like it comes around this time every year. And what would Winter be without Winter beers? Just plain cold! Be on the look-out for more reviews of Christmas and Holiday-themed beers, but let's look at some classic Winter brews before the season begins in earnest.

1. Southern Tier "Old Man" Winter Ale: Old Man has a light to medium body with a pretty good mouthfeel. Very drinkable but not exceptional in is style or representation. Southern Tier makes awesome stuff and Old Man tows the line but doesn't push the envelope. In the middle of the pack, this brew doesn't exactly cut the mustard as the big dog. Watch your back, however, cuz this Old Man Ale goes down easy like Sunday morning and could cost you a pretty penny if you don't cover your bases and get a designated driver. 3.465 Flags [Read the whole review]

2. Smuttynose Winter Ale: Winter warmer fans should check out Smuttynose Winter Ale because it has some familiar notes floating around in it but it isn't as bold as some winter or Christmas-style ales tend to be. Ale drinkers will be impressed by the body and accessibility of this dandy beverage. The more sips I have, the more accessible it becomes. Goes down smooth but not without making its mark. Comparable to previous versions of Anchor Holiday Ale, Smuttynose comes through once again with a solid seasonal offering. Don't miss this one. 3.55 Flags [Read the whole review]

3. Stoudt's Winter Ale: Really drinkable (though watch out forthe dry and bitter finish). Light to medium body. Geez, a really dry finish. Pale like an ale and hearty like a porter. Coffee and chocolate round out the bitterness, though hops are clearly present as well. Stoudt's Winter Ale is much bolder and timeless than the flashy uber-nutmeggy style lagers. 3.575 Flags [Read the whole review]

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