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Monday, December 21, 2009

Two Christmas Beers (Citizen Review)

Two Christmas Beers:

With the holidays fast approaching, it is not uncommon for co-workers to herald the upcoming event with some good old-fashioned Holiday pre-gaming! Such was the case recently when I had the chance to sample some Holiday inspired beers.

First was a Michigan import: Bell's Christmas Ale. The bottle explains that it is a malt-driven, and it sure is: sweet, malty, has the "beer's beer" flavor to it. A hearty beer to enjoy by the hearth on a cold winter's day waiting for presents to be opened.

Second, was Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale 2009. I was really impressed by this beer, because it had more of a hoppy base to it, very easy going, I went back for a second bottle of this and was happier for it. El Presidente wrote a full review of this beer. [Check it out]

When it comes to Holiday beers, I say drink what tastes good to you. That's what the holidays are about: surround yourself with family and friends and tasty beer.

--From the office of the Vice President

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