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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Founders Round-Up

Founders Brewing Co. Round-Up:

When you think of Michigan, the 26th State in the U.S. of A., you might think "Wow! That state looks like a giant mitten!" or maybe "I love Motown music!", and here at The Ferment Nation that is exactly what we think, but we also think that Founders Brewing Company is one of that state's finest contributions to the Union. Located in Grand Rapids, MI, Founders Brewing Company has been creating some really great crafts beers since 1997. The Ferment Nation is a fan of theirs, and we wanted to re-cap some of the beers we have already reviewed.

Founders Imperial Stout:

Imperial Stouts got their name because of their intended audience: royalty. So if you have the grapefruits to call your stout "imperial" you'd better be prepared to back it up with quality you can taste.
Founders Imperial Stout does that and more. [Read the full review]

Founders Double Trouble Double IPA:

Another wonderful offering from Founders. This Double IPA is really hoppy and bitter and goodness gracious dry! Even though there is a slight floral sweetness to this brew because of the serious hoppage, the finish is outrageously dry like a wine finish. [Read the full review]

Founder's Red's Rye:

Had this beer several times on tap at Cork, once at High Street Grille, and now in a bottle. Damn fine. Simply described as "red ale made with rye", this beer has a lot more than that to offer a real beer lover. [
Read the full review]

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