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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ithaca CascaZilla

Ithaca Beer Co CascaZilla
It's actually fine right out of the bottle and reminds me a little bit like Hop Devil from Victory. Pour it into a glass, thought, and the aromas and flavors open up a bit. Malt and hops combine nicely and there is even a teensy bit of vanilla-oaky mellowness to this brew. Tying to put it together with brews you may know, picture Founders Red's Rye plus Victory Yakima Twilight and a touch of Hop Devil.

Red Ales are hard to pin down. Many are boring, but done right, the palate rejoices. Some other nice Red Ales include Seamus Irish Red from Sly Fox (well-balanced and drinkable) and Oskar Blues' Gordon (off the hizzy and will beat you about the face and head if you're not paying attention). The Great White Buffalo of Red Ales was Humble Patience from Magic Hat great white buffalo... great white buffalo... but has since been discontinued, much to the chagrin of beer drinkers all over the east coast. Ithaca CascaZilla falls somewhere in between and has a malty zing that's countered by a hoppy zoing. Flavorful and original as it is, it's not off-putting or frightfully bitter. Stretching the bounds of Red Ale, CascaZilla is one monster of a brew. 7% abv, by the way. Not a monstrous alcohol content, but I wouldn't have too many if you happen to be out drinking in Tokyo. I'm just sayin'...

Red Ale lovers must have this beer. Hop Heads will dig it too. Heavier and maltier than its floral sibling, Flower Power, CascaZilla has a lot to offer beer lovers of every persuasion.

Representation: 1.0 / Accessibility: .97 / Style: .99 / Personal Preference: 1.0 / Total Score: 3.96 Flags

Ithaca CascaZilla
Ithaca Cascazilla

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