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Monday, January 3, 2011

Greenwich Brewery Meantime London Porter

Greenwich Brewery Meantime London Porter:

This beer was given to me by El presidente for my birthday, because he knows I love the dark beers, especially dark imports, this one being from Britain.  Whenever I drink fine imported dark beers, I use another special gift, a stoneware beer mug given to me by a very good friend.  It was hand crafted and fired in North Carolina and is made in the same way and design as beer mugs made in the Civil War era.  No light beers shall ever touch this mug. Thank you, Therese!

This beer is super smooth and drinkable.  It has a super smooth and creamy head that I had to get a nice beer mustache from to get to the actual beer.  It does not have the over the top bitter head a la Samuel Smith, which I do love, but there is something very approachable and instantaneously accessible and thirsty about this beer.  It is so smooth, in fact, that at 6.5% abv, this would make an incredible session beer and yet a dangerous one.  Enough 750mL bottles of this and you will think you are in a London Pub downing this nice London Porter.

Definitely does not have the roastedness and robust flavor of the old engine oil, it has a nice Guinness feel to it, though it is a porter and not a stout.  This beer makes me think I am drinking at the Prancing Pony in Bree, Middle Earth.  I could drink it all night, smoke a pipe of the South Shire pipe weed, and then maybe go off in search of Tom Bombadil in the Old Forest.  Representation points will falter because I have had some awesome porters and better London Porters, but accessibility points and personal preference will be very high indeed.  I will have to consult with El Presidente as to the price, because if it is expensive, I will call it a wait for a sale.  it is good, but not super awesome.  if the price is reasonable, this gets an enthusiastic "buy" rating.  If you are setting your clock to Greenwich mean time, it is Beer O'Clock.  Drink up.  Cool label, smooth, easy drinking porter.  This would make a nice gift to bring someone, because of its drinkability.   Anyone who might drink a dark ale would like this a lot.  People afraid of, or who love really rich, flavor infused porters will be disappointed.

Greenwich Brewery Meantime London Porter:

Representation: .75
Accessibility: 90
Style: .75
Personal Preference: .9

Total: 3.3 Flags
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