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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Selin's Grove Brewpub

Selin's Grove Brewpub:

This PA microbrew pub is nothing short of a National Treasure. Its lore and reputation had preceded it for about a year as my Cabinet and I lay in wait for the reconnaisance vessel "USS Beercation" to resurface from the icy waters of the Beermuda Triangle. During the first Beercation trip to Stoudts, Lancaster, Bube's, Appalachian Brewing Company, Troegs, Golden Avalanche, Union Barrel Works, Allentown Brew Works, and Weyerbacher (whew!), many fellow travellers had told us the legend of Selin's Grove. We were intrigued... When dedicated beer drinkers and brewmasters and bartenders tell you that you should change your plans to visit the place, you take notice.

So the following year, our plans were centered around the mighty Selin's Grove. After lunch at Victory, the Presidential motorcade made its way to Selin's Grove, Pennsylvania. Be forewarned, it is fairly easy to drive past in a car. So with maps and cell phones in hand, we set off on our way to find the location. Around the back, through the garden, down the hill... Secret password... initiate's handshake and we had finally arrived. Low ceilings, low lighting, and a bristling old-world public house atmosphere set the proper mood for the long anticipated moment of the first draught.

We sampled the Pumpkin Ale (the best pumpkin brew ever), the Baltic Porter, Captain Selin's Cream Ale, Hefe-Weizen, White Horse Porter, Hop Nouveau, and the ultimate Shade Mountain Oatmeal Stout.

Yes, Selin's Grove will pour a half-and-half. Yes, they will pair up the Pumpkin Ale and the Oatmeal Stout. No, they will not get lost in each others' excellence. Yes, it just may be the best single beverage I've ever tasted.

There were a few things that had recently become unavailable, so we missed out on the Scotch Ale and the hand-pumped, cask-conditioned IPA. We were saddened by this, but our spirits never lowered. The mystery of the brew still lingers: How did all the beers turn out so creamy? Are all the taps infused with a little bit of nitrogen to smooth out the body? Or is there some arcane knowledge of brewing that remains known only to a chosen few? Find out for yourself... or die in the pursuit. It will be worth the perilous journey -- this I promise.

Oh by the way, the food was awesome, too. But did I mention that we had a few beers?

Our intrepid party went back the following season as well, (along with trips to Jeremiah's Bullfrog and McKenzie's Brew Pub). Our second visit took us down many of the same paths as we sampled mostly the same brews. Bonus: we got to try the Scottish Style Ale, the Organic Pils, Saison de Peche, S.N.A.F.U. IPA, Love Buzz Coffee Stout, and the Triple as well.

Check out Ferment Nation's reviews of these brews in the collection of Presidential Briefs that have dotted the blog's landscape over the past few months [CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL SELIN'S GROVE REVIEWS]. Mostly, though, I encourage anyone within driving distance of Selin's Grove to head up there and check it out for himself or herself. Just find a place to stay the night, please. And email us your own reviews and pictures so we can share them with the Nation!
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Here's the website links for Allentown Brew Works and the Bethlehem Brew Works.

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