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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Feature Comes to The Ferment Nation (Tastin' The Nation)

From the Office of the Vice President:

Greetings, Citizens!  We are announcing a new, and long-overdue feature to the beer reporting for the Ferment Nation: "Tastin' The Nation".  In previous reviews of beers and bars, we have made mention of tasty treats,  fabulous foods, and mouthwatering munchies, but you will start to see more specific food pairing articles at The Ferment Nation.

What are restaurants doing to incorporate craft beers into their menus?  What restaurants are having beer/food specials and dinners? What are the best beers for specific foods?  What craft beers are using innovative artisan foods to flavor their beers?  What restaurants are using craft beers and for what foods?  And how do I get a great recipe (whether its beer-inspired or not)?  We hope to start answering these questions and more, and we want your help!

So e-mail us @ fermentnation@gmail.com with your own recipes, food pairings, and beer-food news.  Send along your pictures, videos, grandma's secret recipe, and we will post them here. The Ferment Nation thanks you in advance!
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