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Friday, January 21, 2011

In Blogs We Trust: Life On Tap

Life on Tap:

El Presidente had the good fortune of meeting a ton of really cool people at the Inaugural Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder, CO this past November.  Of course at an event like this one, all the attendees have at least one common interest: BEER.  And so pretty much anyone could become an instant drinking buddy.  But Dan (on Tap) Fisher and I seemed to hit it off right away.  Aside from being a really nice guy with a very educated palate, Dan (on Tap) is just a really good dude.  Blogging from the heart of NYC, Dan (on Tap) may even be available for a collaborative blogging event sometime in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia vicinity.  Here are Dan (on Tap)'s own words:

"Inspired by the folks at The Wicked Good Compound, and encouraged by media personality and friend ScottyJ, I decided to tread into The Podosphere on 7/3/2006.  ”Life On Tap” is just that: my life through my eyes (or rather all my senses) and the appreciation of some of my favorite interests: beer, food, wine, and liquor. There are a tremendous amount of experiences that Sheryl The Drunken Clam Girl and I haven’t had, and we look forward to sharing those with you, the listener. Remember: “Life’s a tap…drink up ’til it’s dry.” "

Hey, it's me again... El Presidente.  Anyway, Life on Tap is an episodic adventure through Dan (on Tap) Fisher's life as a gourmand.  Some of the episodes contain live video reviews, which are short and sharp; the reviews are very informative and receive my recommendation.  So show some love and link up to Life on Tap.  Check it on the website or on Facebook and send us both some feedback.  And look for more sites that are endorsed by yours truly in the upcoming weeks and months.  We the people of the Ferment Nation wish to spread the love and familiarize the citizens with other Blogs We Trust.

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