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Monday, November 16, 2009

Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA (Citizen Review)

Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA:

"I enjoyed this IPA at work with some beer-loving colleagues. When asked how it tasted by one of the aforementioned co-workers, I replied that it was crisp and refreshing, not overly hoppy, quite nice. Another co-worker chimed in with an added description of the citrus, namely grapefruit, taste prevalent in the beer. I did not think of grapefruit immediately myself, but my crisp and refreshing comment certainly complemented this description, and after having a second serving of this IPA and letting the beer acquaint itself with my palate more thoroughly, I, too, could taste the grapefruit. At 6% abv, this beer invites you to finish off a six-pack. Another fine product from Michigan breweries. I would definitely bet on this Dark Horse."

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Dark Horse Crooked
--From the office of the Vice President

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