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Friday, February 1, 2008

Long Live the Storm - Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

Storm KingVictory Storm King Imperial Stout

It's difficult to review this beer without crying. My most recent encounter was a bottle poured into a pint glass, but I've also had Storm King on tap. Victory is a national treasure! Consistency in all of their beers makes each experience better and better as some lesser beers come and go. Storm King is in rare air among stouts.

Storm King doesn't posess chocolate and coffee notes, he allows them to partake in his existence. The Storm King is benevolent enough to grant audience to smoothness. If I weren't so nationalistic, I may be tempted to pay homage to the crown.

Stout drinkers MUST try this beer. Everyone else MUST become stout drinkers.

Of course I realize that not everyone would be ready, willing, or able to drink more than one. And at a regal 9.1% abv, that may not be a great idea anyway. So accessability points are just shy of perfect, but check out the personal preference category. True Royalty.

Victory Storm King Imperial Stout:

Representation: .9
Accessability: .8
Style: .9
Personal Preference: 1.0

Total Score: 3.6 Flags

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