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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Victory Twelve

Victory Twelve

Oh, that's Twelve alright. Twelve what, I'm not sure. This beverage has a golden Belgian Tripel feel as well as the taste, at first. Distinctive yeasts have a candy-like essence and honey and fruit notes rein in the sweetness with an earthy, organic punch. But the alcohol will not be denied its rightful place in this equation. The alcohol taste is present (aha-- twelve percent! 12% abv) but it didn't overwhelm me personally though it could overpower some. The first lady for example. She is a fan of Victory's Golden Monkey (pretty formidable at 9.3%) but Twelve is simply too much for her. So be prepared. I kinda get the feeling that if the Golden Monkey spent a little too much time lounging in the French Riviera and had gotten a deep tan, Twelve would be just like that.

The label of this beer tells the pourer and the drinker to leave the dregs in the bottle. This is a departure from my conventional procedure. Victory also remindes us on the label that the beer changes as it warms. Very specific temperature recommendations are made by the Victory guys themselves. These gentlemen know what they're talking about, so heed their advice.

By the way, Twelve does change a bit while warming. A more earthy, wine-like quality will emerge. But you probably won't notice if you're drinking an entire 750 ml bottle by yourself. But that does enhance the watching of Superbad. Cheers.

Victory Twelve:

Representation: .9
Accessability: .75
Style: .9
Personal Preference: .85

Total Score: 3.4 Flags

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